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Summary of Agora Group's ESG activities in 2023


Summary of Agora Group's ESG activities in 2023


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April 14, 2022 / 14:30

Agora Group invests in renewable energy sources

Agora Group invests in renewable energy sources

In order to intensify activities for climate neutrality, from March 2022, Agora's printing house uses photovoltaic panels, thanks to which the expected annual CO2 emission result will be lower by 71,000 kg. This will help to increase the percentage of energy obtained from renewable sources by the Agora Group, which at the end of 2021 was 8.8% *. This result was affected, among others, by investments in photovoltaic panels on the roof of Agora's headquarters in Warsaw and the purchase of green energy by AMS. Detailed information on this subject, along with other data specifying the impact of the entire organization on the climate, e.g. the carbon footprint can be found in the "ESG Report of Agora S.A. and its capital group for 2021 ". The publication is available in an interactive form on the website - in Polish and English language versions.

Agora has been using renewable energy sources since April 2020. Then, on the roof of Agora's Warsaw headquarters at Czerska 8/10 Street, photovoltaic panels were installed. From that time until the end of 2021, Agora produced 164.04 MWh of green energy, which corresponds to a reduction of CO2 emissions by over 75 tons. The production results can be checked on a regular basis on a special page - here.

                                                                                                                                                                             photo Agencja

In 2021, the Agora Group increased the number of renewable energy sources thanks to AMS, which built an advertising pole powered by 460 Wp photovoltaic cells and a pilot photovoltaic installation on the roof of a bus shelter in Krakow with a capacity of 1410 Wp. AMS has a total of 23 photovoltaic micro-installations with a total capacity of nearly 12 kWp, which have already reduced CO2 emissions by over 33 tons. From January 2021, AMS has the Tauron EKO Biznes certificate confirming that the energy purchased by the company comes from low-emission sources, thanks to which CO2 emissions have been reduced by 463.6 tons. In 2021, AMS also received the Carbon Footprint Challenge Award, for i.a. green stops, ECO solar poles, EKO Backlights and other projects significantly contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

                                                                                                                                                                                         photo AMS S.A.

In total, the percentage of energy from renewable sources in the Agora Group was 8.8% * at the end of last year. :


In order to reduce the use of energy from non-renewable sources,  Agora's printing house , installed 2 x 50 kW photovoltaic panels in February 2022 and uses this renewable energy source since March 2022. It consists from 248 photovoltaic modules with a total area of 484.84 m2. The expected result of the annual energy production is 100 MWh - if this is achieved, the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere will be 71,000 kg lower. The results of green energy production in Agora's printing house can be checked on a regular basis on a special page - here.

                                                                                                                                                                                         photo Agora S.A.

More information on this subject can be found in the organization's ESG report for 2021, in which the Group defined the basic areas of direct impact on the natural environment, including calculating the carbon footprint (scope 1 and 2, according to the GHG Protocol methodology) and analyzing opportunities, threats and climate risks. In the report, Agora also presented the current and planned activities aimed at achieving climate neutrality. In addition to environmental data, the report contains information on other areas of ESG - social impact and business ethics.

"ESG Report of Agora Group and Agora S.A. for 2021" is available at - in Polish and English language versions.

Agora S.A. was established in 1989; since 1999, it has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Its activities include such areas as the printed press and multimedia digital editions, Internet portals and projects, radio, cinema, outdoor advertising, as well as book publishing, and film production and distribution. From the very beginning, Agora and its companies from the capital group have been implementing activities in the field of corporate social responsibility, initiating and engaging in a number of projects supporting the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The approach to this issue is based on such pillars as: transparency, building relationships with partners and the company's environment, diversity among employees and high quality of products and services. The Agora Group informs about its activities in the area of corporate social responsibility on an ongoing basis on the website:

* Environmental data presented in the ESG Report of Agora Group and Agora S.A. refer to the information for the period from 1 January to 31 December 2021 and concern the following companies: Agora S.A., Helios S.A., NEXT FILM Sp. z o. o., Next Script Sp. z o. o., Step Inside Sp. z o. o., AMS S.A., AMS Serwis Sp. z o. o., Optimizers Sp. z o. o., Piano Group Sp. z o.o., Plan D Sp. z o. o., Yieldbird Sp. z o. o., HRlink Sp. z o. o., Goldenline Sp. z o. o., Grupa Radiowa Agory Sp. z o. o., Doradztwo Mediowe Sp.  z o. o., IM 40 Sp. z o.

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