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Financial results of the Agora Group in 4Q2022


Financial results of the Agora Group in 4Q2022


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Czerska 8/10 Street
00-732 Warszawa

AGO -1,67%
mWIG40 -2,45%
WIG-MEDIA -4,04%

Regon: 11559486
Numer KRS: 59944
NIP: 526-030-56-44


We are committed to the values that lie at the core of our organization and that have been our guiding principles in spite of changing market conditions and the growth of our group. These are truth, tolerance, respect for fundamental human rights and help

In all areas of our operations we are committed to professionalism and responsible management as well as transparency and clarity. Tolerance, independence and integrity are values that we strive to uphold in our everyday work. We build strong and sustainable relationships with our stakeholders: readers, listeners, viewers, clients, suppliers, our employees and shareholders.

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Wobec naszych odbiorców - lista

  • We want to preserve independence, because independent press is an indispensable element of public life and communication between the government and the governed.

  • We want Gazeta Wyborcza to speak to its readers in a language of simple human decency.

  • It is our desire for a reader who wants to escape the wave of hatred, to find a refuge in Gazeta and its language.

  • We want Gazeta Wyborcza to be the newspaper of democratic and reasonable Poland, Poland curious about the world, entrepreneurial, tolerant and open.

  • We want to create independent and open media addressed to a wide group of users.

  • We want be bold and reliable - in choosing our topics and actions.

  • We want to be with our readers, listeners and viewers and provide them daily with: latest news articles, commentary, interesting and important content as well as high-quality entertainment.

Wobec naszych klientów - lista

  • Our goal is to provide excellent quality services for our client's satisfaction.

  • We are committed to building positive and lasting relations with clients.

  • The overriding rule in our interactions with clients is fair conduct in accordance with the highest ethical standards.


For our employees we want Agora to be:

Kariera Agora    

Dla naszych pracowników - lista

  • place where they can realize their professional ambitions,

  • consequently - an attractive place of employment that provides employees with opportunities for development.

  • We want to offer our employees a working environment open to diversity and governed by two main principles of: equal opportunities and respect.

Dla naszych akcjonariuszy - lista

  • We wish to build long-lasting value of the company.

  • Our main principle in investor relations is transparency.

  • We are committed to providing equal access to information about the company to all shareholders and investors.

  • In our contacts with shareholders we observe the principal rules of international corporate governance.



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