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June 6, 2022 / 13:04

The first fully integrated OOH eco-campaign carried out in cooperation with Lenovo Poland and AMS

The first fully integrated OOH eco-campaign carried out in cooperation with Lenovo Poland and AMS

Lenovo Poland has launched the first campaign in Poland, whose aim is to draw more attention to the eco-friendly approach when using portable computers.  As part of the campaign, eleven new EKO shelters were created in Warsaw, which became a part of the largest system of environmentally friendly stops in Poland.  In the shelters, the residents of Warsaw will see the ThinkPad series laptops: X1 Nano and X1 Carbon, equipped with a service that balances CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The campaign of Lenovo Poland and AMS is carried out in a closed cycle, i.e. after the end of the campaign, the advertising materials will be subjected to 100% certified recycling. This is the next step for Lenovo in its quest to ensure that the impact of operations on the planet is offset with the revolutionary CO2 Offset service currently promoted by the brand.

As part of the CO2 Offset service, the customer receives a guarantee of CO2 emissions offset based on the calculation of the actual weight of carbon dioxide emissions by the device to the atmosphere.  The offset is based on the calculated carbon footprint of the product over the average 5-year use of the computer, and also covers the hardware manufacturing and shipping process.  As part of this service, Lenovo implements new or extends existing projects that contribute to reducing CO2, generate renewable energy, and help protect the environment. 

“More than 9 million kilograms of recycled materials have been used in the production of our latest models of computers already.” We are creating new production technologies to reduce CO2 emissions and support activities that contribute to it. We make it easier for our clients to engage in the process of environmental restoration, for example through offering devices with the CO2 Offset service as a standard” says Mikołaj Bobiński, Large Enterprise Leader at Lenovo Polska. “The emission neutrality of our products is not a distant plan, but a successfully pursued goal on a daily basis. We also focus on advertising consistent with the vision of our brand: eco-friendly and supporting the environment, such as the eco-friendly solutions from AMS.”

Lenovo decided on advertising in line with its philosophy, using AMS’s only ECO offer on the market for responsible and pro-environmental advertisers, who resonate with the idea of sustainable development and protection of the planet. A global technology leader took advantage of the opportunity to conduct a campaign on green roofs of the shelters in partnership with AMS. They reduce CO2, store rainwater in the concrete-based environment of cities, reduce the temperature under the shelter on hot days and are bird-friendly. Furthermore, the posters placed on AMS Premium Citylight carriers participating in the campaign were printed on G-print paper. This is a paper made entirely of natural ingredients, 100% recyclable, and the process of its production is neutral in terms of CO2 emissions.

“Thinking in terms of eco and changing the offer is no longer a choice, but an obligation of enterprises. Consumers want to identify with brands that share their individual values, which is why we have been creating solutions to help advertisers communicate consistently with their ecological positioning for years,” says Tomasz Muraszko, Head of Product Marketing at AMS. “As the leader of Out-of-Home advertising, we have expanded our product offer and we currently have as many as 5 comprehensive eco-friendly solutions. The choice of AMS by Lenovo proves that the suggested solutions allow brands to meet their ecological obligations successfully.”

AMS is a pioneer in using ecological solutions in the OOH industry.  The company's EKO offer includes: the EKO shelter system with sedum-covered roofs in six cities, EKO Premium Citylight – a pro-environmental advertising combined with tree planting, EKO poles – the largest network of poles powered by solar energy in Poland, EKO Busback – city advertising in motion at zero- and low-emission public transport vehicles, as well as EKO Backlight – a set of pro-ecological solutions, including reduction of light smog and ecologically-certified printing of advertising materials.

AMS holds certificates confirming participation in a system guaranteeing the sale of energy from eco-friendly sources. In 2022, the company joined the EKO Premium Tauron program and uses electricity that is 100% renewable. Thanks to participation in the EKO Biznes program in 2021, AMS purchased energy from ecological sources from Tauron, reducing CO2 emissions by 464 tons.

AMS received the Carbon Footprint Challenge Award in 2021, for the “green” stops, EKO solar poles, EKO Backlights and other activities contributing to the reduction of its carbon footprint. In addition, EKO shelter and EKO pole became the finalists of the Good Design 2021 competition. 

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