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March 29, 2022 / 13:16

The effectiveness of advertising in shopping malls has been confirmed once again – results of a study commissioned by AMS

The effectiveness of advertising in shopping malls has been confirmed once again – results of a study commissioned by AMS

AMS in cooperation with Spark Foundry and Motorola, tested the effectiveness of the campaign carried out using Digital Indoor carriers. Brand campaign awareness increased by 62 percent. The majority of shopping mall visitors also notice the presence of digital advertising panels and the ads emitted there significantly increase the brand and product recognition.

These are the conclusions of a study commissioned by AMS and accompanying campaigns in shopping malls in Poland, where the AMS Digital Indoor system operates. As part of broader digital communication, including online video and in cinemas, the company's panels featured a campaign promoting the motorola edge 20 smartphone family under the slogan “Find Your Edge”. The communication covered shopping malls in Lublin, Olsztyn, Opole, as well as Białystok (three locations) and Szczecin (two malls). The target group of the campaign were adults visiting these facilities.  The Spark Foundry media agency, whose client list included Motorola, was responsible for the idea of the campaign, as well as strategic planning and purchasing of panels.

A survey completed upon request of AMS indicated that every third person present in shopping malls during the campaign saw a Motorola brand advertisement (positive answer in the post-test).  Additionally, the survey results show that this campaign increased the assisted awareness of the Motorola campaign by 62 percent! Two thirds (66%) of people who noticed and remembered the smartphone advertisement assessed it positively (answers “yes, very much” and “more or less”).  Moreover, one in three of those people (34%) said they were considering buying a motorola edge 20 smartphone (“fairly likely” – 26 percent, and “very likely” ­– 8 percent).

“Together with the Motorola brand, we decided to take advantage of the fact that in selected locations Digital Indoor was the only point of contact with the recipient and at the same time the last one before the purchase decision. Due to the selection of cities, the study confirmed that also outside the largest agglomerations, DOOH is a very effective channel for reaching target groups,” says Grażyna Gołębiowska, marketing director at AMS.

“Since we represent the world of modern technologies, we wanted to reach for innovative and digital solutions in the area of communication. This approach has proven to be successful in communicating the new generation of smartphones from the motorola edge family, highlighting their unique market features, such as Dual Capture, Ready For platform or a 108 Mpx camera system with 50x superzoom,” says Anna Staszyńska, marketing manager at Motorola Polska.

The search for innovative solutions is the basis of all our activities. The case was the same when it comes to the smartphone campaign from the motorola edge family. The extensive digital communication was complemented by the use of a solution combining the digital world with the offline world, specifically in the pre-Christmas period, using malls as a touchpoint” - explains Przemysław Compa, Senior Communications Planner at Spark Foundry.

This is another campaign surveyed upon request of AMS as part of the Ariadna National Research Panel, which evidences the effectiveness of advertising on Digital Indoor panels. First, a pre-test was carried out and immediately after the advertising was finished, a post-test was carried out. At that time, there was no other Motorola brand communication in outdoor and indoor advertising in these locations. As much as 59 percent of visitors of shopping malls notice the presence of digital panels (from 50% of indications in Białystok to 65% in Szczecin). Two-thirds of them recognize the AMS Digital Indoor system (67% of shopping mall visitors on average).

AMS Digital offers reaching recipients with over 4,300 points of contact throughout Poland: at bus/tram stops (thanks to Digital Citylight carriers), at key intersections (Digital Cityscreen), in 42 shopping malls (Digital Indoor) and when using ATMs, and also watching Video Out-of-Home channels with proprietary content. Move TV in fitness clubs from the premium segment and Traffic TV on buses in Warsaw.

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