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15/2022 Judgment of the first instance court regarding the appeal of Agora S.A. from the decision of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection prohibiting the concentration...


15/2022 Judgment of the first instance court regarding the appeal of Agora S.A. from the decision of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection prohibiting the concentration...


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December 1, 2017 / 13:38

“Przystanek Wyspiański” - an extraordinary AMS campaign

“Przystanek Wyspiański” - an extraordinary AMS campaign

On the 110th anniversary of the death of Stanisław Wyspiański, exceptional bus shelters appeared in the eight largest cities. They showcase reproductions of Wyspiański's works and “activate the senses”. AMS invites everyone to watch the works, listen to the guide and smell the flowers from Wyspiański's works.

Specially prepared AMS bus shelters accompany the “Wyspiański” exhibition, which can be seen in the National Museum in Kraków. The shelters were arranged with fragments of Stanisław Wyspiański's works. Each of them is equipped with WiFi - when it is activated, the landing page “Przystanek Wyspiański” appears. It directs the visitors to the National Museum website, where they can download materials dedicated to the exhibition. Additionally, thanks to the built-in mp3 devices, it is possible to listen to the exhibition guide, and at the shelters in Kraków and Poznań - to feel the floral smell referring to the motifs often found in Wyspiański's polychromes and stained glass panes.

– We proposed to the National Museum that it should go out with an exhibition on the street and extend its influence beyond the purely visual sphere. Therefore, not only eyesight, but also hearing and smell will be useful - says Grażyna Gołębiowska, Marketing Director at AMS. – The bus shelter is a perfect place to combine advertising and technology in solutions that enable to arouse interest and, consequently, to engage and interact with the audience - adds Grażyna Gołębiowska.

Stickers with information on materials for download are available at each stop. In addition, the National Museum has planned an application “Szlak Stanisława Wyspiańskiego”, thanks to which it will be possible to get to know many interesting facts from the artist's life. Where was Stanisław Wyspiański born? For whom did he intentionally design inconvenient furniture? Answers to these and many other questions will be available from the application available for download also at Kraków's AMS stops.

“Przystanek Wyspiański” can be found in the following cities:
Katowice, ul. Roździeńskiego, Uniwersytecka
Kraków, Plac Inwalidów
Kraków, Filharmonia
Łódź, ul. Sienkiewicza, Galeria
Poznań, ul. Towarowa, al. Niepodległości (Święty Marcin)
Szczecin, Wyszyńskiego, Most Długi (in the direction of Brama Portowa)
Gdańsk, Podwale Grodzkie (Dworzec PKP [English: Railway Station], Wałowa)
Warszawa, Hotel Bristol 02
Wrocław, ul. Łącznik-Stawowa, Kołłątaja (Borowska)

The originator and patron of the project is AMS, a partner of the “Wyspiański” exhibition organised by the National Museum in Kraków.

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