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June 9, 2017 / 16:29

Responsible workplace

Employees form one of the key stakeholder groups. They represent important capital of Agora and their competences and experience are important factors in the execution of the company’s strategy.  

Diversity in workplace

Diversity and openness are values integral to Agora Group’s business operations as well as employment policy. Employees of Agora Group come from different backgrounds and cultures, exhibit various skills and talents, represent diverse thinking styles and viewpoints and have different life and professional experience. The goal of the Agora Group is to create an organisational culture that guarantees mutual support of all employees in their daily responsibilities. Activities promoting diversity within the organisation help the company create a diverse yet efficient team.

The key capital of Agora Group that determines the organization’s economic success is its strong team. Its diversity is one of the key factors fostering creativity, innovation and inventiveness. It is through effectively implemented diversity policies that Agora Group can gain better understanding of its customers, readers, listeners or consumers, which allows the organization to meet their needs more successfully.

The diversity management policy at Agora Group is based on overcoming barriers such as age, gender and health status and rooted in the belief that the professional potential of its employees is based on their competences.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In 2016 Agora has nearly equaled the number of male and female employees and managers (women constituted 46.40 percent and men 53.60 percent). To counter stereotypes associated with age and to facilitate the flow of knowledge, Agora Group works for establishing dialogue across generations. There is a fair share of employees aged 50+ (over 14 percent) while the group of employees under 30 is slightly larger (over 15 percent). Employees between 30 and 50 year old are the largest group - at over 70 percent.


The company is also committed to professional activation of the disabled and employs people with varying degrees of disability.

Agora Group has signed Diversity Charter in Poland

Agora Group is the first media company in Poland that has signed Diversity Charter. The company has joined employers from all over Europe to promote diversity in the workplace. Diversity and inclusion are an integral part of Agora's business and employment policy.

On March 8th, 2017 Agora joined the group of 168 Diversity Charter Signatories in Poland. The Diversity Charter is a written commitment signed by organizations that oblige themselves to introduce the equal treatment policy and diversity management, as well as active prevention of discrimination and mobbing in the workplace. The Diversity Charter is an international initiative promoted by the European Commission. Thousands of companies, organizations and institutions have signed the Charter in 17 countries of the European Union. The coordinator of the Diversity Charter in Poland is the Responsible Business Forum.

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It is crucial for Agora Group to ensure that its employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance. To that end, the company introduced a benefit programme promoting healthy lifestyle and offering its employees a wide choice of pastimes, including sports and cultural activities.

Agora Group launched MyBenefit platform. The employees regularly receive credits that they can exchange for various services. The number of points received by an employee depends on their material situation. Under this programme, the employees have an access to a broad range of services: discounts on holidays in Poland or abroad, cinema, concert and theatre tickets, admission to cultural, sports and other events, as well as access to sport and recreational services, services and summer camps for their children, visits in DaySPA or special offers in shops. The offer also contains a MultiSport Card.

Agora’s employees are also entitled to reduced-price tickets for themselves and their plus-ones in all Helios cinemas around Poland, discounts on e-books, audiobooks and press titles in and in online bookstores, special prices on books and collections of Agora Publishing House in Gazeta Café as well as reduced price of the digital subscription of Gazeta Wyborcza.

Among the facilities housed by Agora Group’s main office at Czerska 8/10 in Warsaw, are a canteen serving breakfasts, lunches and dinners, Gazeta Cafe, swimming pool, fitness facilities and a sauna. There is also a bicycle and car park.

Agora Group launched a special recruitment website for potential employees. offers the most important information about the company, interesting facts and the possibility to apply to specific post directly on the website. In 2016 Agora’s IT recruitment site was awarded the main prize in Employer Branding Stars contest in the Best Career Site in Poland category.

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