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Financial results of the Agora Group in the 3Q2021


Financial results of the Agora Group in the 3Q2021


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January 25, 2021 / 12:00

New, wider range of digital packages of Gazeta Wyborcza and creation of Club

New, wider range of digital packages of Gazeta Wyborcza and creation of Club

From 25 January 2021, readers interested in digital content of Gazeta Wyborcza can become subscribers to and join the Club, which offers, among others, direct contact with the editorial team and access to online events . Such a possibility is provided by a novelty - the Club Package introduced into the digital portfolio of the daily alongside the Basic Package and the Premium Package in new versions. An enriched offer of Gazeta Wyborcza is now available at

2020 in Gazeta Wyborcza

- Last year was special for everyone. For Wyborcza, the pandemic turned out to be the greatest challenge in its 30-year history: on the one hand, we faced new limitations and risks in the work of journalists, and on the other hand, the great trust of thousands of new readers who were looking for reliable information about the coronavirus pandemic - says Jerzy Wójcik, editor of Gazeta Wyborcza.

With its audience in mind, the Wyborcza team in 2020 was constantly developing its readership offer. For example, based on the knowledge of experts and journalists from the Science department, since March last year, credible texts about the pandemic has been published daily in the traditional and digital version of the newspaper. Thanks to correspondents in the USA and Europe, as well as editorial offices in 27 Polish cities, Gazeta Wyborcza describes current situation from the perspective of ordinary people.

In addition, in 2020, a new magazine Wolna Sobota (Free Saturday) was created; thanks to an agreement with The New York Times, unique materials related to the US elections written by the most important American editorial office were published by Wyborcza. On Christmas Eve Słówka. Magazyn o języku (The Word. A magazine about language), with texts by renown Polish writers, including Jerzy Bralczyk and Michał Rusinek premiered. 

- We promise that this year we will also surprise positively our readers: we are working on a new version of website, another editorial series and podcasts, we also plan to strengthen our presence in Polish cities. We will also focus even more on the two big Es on which our future depends: ecology and education - adds Jerzy Wójcik.

Growing number of subscribers to content 

All the activities of the editorial office and the team of Gazeta Wyborcza contribute to the systematic expansion of the group of digital subscribers, which already accounts for a quarter of a million. Some readers follow publications on politics, others - news from their city, while another group appreciates reportages from Duży Format or interviews in Wysokie Obcasy magazines. The last year has also shown that for many users, apart from reading Wyborcza’s publications, it is also important to stay in touch with the editorial office and have a possibility to support matters important to everyone, such as the National Women's Strike, for which the solidarity subscription action collected PLN 700 thou.

The results of Gazeta Wyborcza in the field of digital subscription sales place the daily among the leaders in digital transformation of the press in Europe and in the world. In the latest report Global Digital Subscription Snapshot 2020, published in December 2020 by the international association FIPP, Gazeta Wyborcza with over 240 thou. active digital subscriptions was ranked 11th among all European press titles and 24th in the world.

New, enhanced offer of digital packages of Gazeta Wyborcza

From 25 January this year, Internet users interested in the digital offer of Gazeta Wyborcza will choose from three types of subscription packages: Basic, Premium and a new Club Package, prepared for those readers who treat Wyborcza as "their newspaper". The first two packages will also change: the Basic one will satisfy subscribers looking for information, opinions and journalistic investigations, and the Premium one will additionally contain a section with texts from the European newspapers – Wyborcza’s partners, including Die Welt, Le Figaro, El Pais, La Repubblica and others.

On the day of the launch of the new offer, the team of the daily will transfer the current subscribers of the Basic package to the new, richer Premium platform, and those with former Premium subscription will become members of the Club (without changing billing and pricing conditions).

- The introduction of the new offer is the perfect moment to thank and repay our loyal readers - for all who have been our subscribers so far, the subscription conditions will be even more favorable - explains Dorota Adamczyk-Mroczek, chief digital revenue officer of Gazeta Wyborcza and – We based the new digital offer of Wyborcza on the results of a survey conducted on a large group of respondents. Thanks to this material, we know that a large part of our readers is waiting for such an offer as the Basic Package, which mainly allows access to reliable information. At the same time, the Club Package is a response to the needs of loyal subscribers, who now will be able to stay in touch with the editorial office, share their opinions and influence the activities of Wyborcza. We are convinced that the new version of the packages will also be even more attractive to new subscribers, for example those readers who are used to the paper version of Gazeta Wyborcza.

As part of the new offer, one will be able to choose:

  • Basic Package - news, investigations, opinions
    Roman Imielski, deputy editor-in-chief of Gazeta Wyborcza: Several hundred journalists and editors of Wyborcza contact their informants every day, follow the events in the country and around the world. They select thousands of messages and, above all, check them. Thanks to their professionalism, we are impregnated against the invasion of fake news. They are the heartbeat of the website, they are the basis for the greatest value of the new Basic Package: ideal for those who want to be well-informed, who need fast and reliable news from Poland, the world, economy, culture, science, sport...
    The Basic Package, providing access to, without magazines and local websites, in a browser on a computer, tablet or smartphone, can be purchased for 4 weeks at the price of PLN 19.90.
  • Premium Package - more than on Wyborcza's pages
    Aleksandra Sobczak, deputy editor-in-chief of Gazeta Wyborcza: There is no exaggeration in the overused word "Premium" in our case. It gives access not only to a wide and reliable information service, but also to a huge mass of texts that are very rare in today's media: in-depth, truly useful, and on extremely diverse topics.
    The Premium Package, including full access to website and the mobile application of Gazeta Wyborcza, as well as magazines, including Książki. Magazyn do czytania (Books. Magazine for readers) and 27 local websites, will cost PLN 29.90 for 4 weeks.
  • Club Package - invitation to the world of Wyborcza
    Bartosz Wieliński, deputy editor-in-chief of Gazeta Wyborcza: We know that for many subscribers Wyborcza is something more than just published articles. It is a strong bond and a sense of belonging to a community of like-minded people who believe in democracy, human rights, tolerance and the European Union. But also those who are curious about the world, rather kind optimists, who love good books and movies and their little homelands. These readers discuss on our forum, write letters to us, come to meetings. And our Club is for them. Despite the pandemic, the new Club Package will provide them with direct contact with Wyborcza.
    The Club Package, apart from all the options of the Premium Package, also ensures 2 additional subscriptions for family and friends, as well as additional options enabling direct contact with Gazeta Wyborcza’s editorial team and participation in meetings organized by Wyborcza. Its price is PLN 49.90 for 4 weeks.
    The first meeting of the Club took place on 20 January this year. The guest of the editorial team was Anne Applebaum, and the topic was the US election and the beginning of Joe Biden's presidency. The daily’s team will also offer the club members a video chat with Adam Michnik, editor-in-chief of Gazeta Wyborcza and the Friday series Kolegium "W", from which they will find out, among other things, what has been argued recently in the editorial office and what is planned for the next week.

All packages can also be purchased for the year. prepared the promotional offer for new users, which provides access to the digital content of the daily for PLN 1 for the first 4 weeks of subscription in all 3 packages (after this period, they will switch to the standard price). Details of the offer are available at

Gazeta Wyborcza is the largest opinion-forming daily in Poland. It is the daily choice of readers who are looking for information, opinions, analyzes and comments, want to broaden their knowledge about the world, and look for attractive entertainment and practical advice. The content of the daily is available both in paper and digital form - on websites, in the mobile application and in the version for e-readers.

More about the digital transformation of Gazeta Wyborcza -

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