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15/2022 Judgment of the first instance court regarding the appeal of Agora S.A. from the decision of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection prohibiting the concentration...


15/2022 Judgment of the first instance court regarding the appeal of Agora S.A. from the decision of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection prohibiting the concentration...


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October 27, 2014 / 16:25

Launch of the largest Polish investment into urban furniture

Press release

On Monday, October 27th 2014, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw - Jacek Wojciechowicz and the CEO of AMS SA - Marek Kuzaka unveiled the first new bus shelter, built as part of the project "Przystanek Komunikacji Miejskiej" (Public Transport Shelter).

The largest public-private partnership project in Warsaw has moved from the preparatory phase to the implementation phase. Today, at the Daszyńskiego roundabout the first of the 1,580 modern and elegant bus shelters was officially presented.

- This is a crucial moment for our city. Thanks to the cooperation with AMS company, residents will be able to use new bus shelters. As many as 1580 modern and aesthetic urban pieces of furniture will increase the comfort of people using public transport - said Jacek Wojciechowicz, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.

- This project will introduce urban furniture into the new phase of development. It is the largest project of this kind in our country, on par with Europe's largest metropolises. Not one Polish city has a comparable system - said Marek Kuzaka, the CEO of AMS.

- I have a great appreciation for the AMS company, which, despite numerous obstacles, has undertaken this project. I congratulate the authorities of the Capital City of Warsaw on good decisions - it is not easy to be a precursor of innovative actions. I believe that they are the beginning of positive changes in functioning and perception of outdoor advertising - said Lech Kaczoń, president of the Outdoor Advertising Chamber of Commerce.

According to the agreement, AMS, under the concession, will build 1580 modern, comfortable, aesthetic and traveler-friendly shelters within three years. Three kinds of roofing, adapted to the nature of public space, will be installed. Competition shelters, selected in a competition organized by the city in 2006 - will be installed at the most prestigious and important locations. Restorer's shelters - in the areas covered by the supervision of the Office of Capital Monuments Restorer. Practical serial bus shelters - in the rest of the city, in district's centers and by the main roads outside the city center.

All shelters will be interactive - equipped with Near Field Communication technology (NFC) and QR codes. Thanks to the gate, passengers will be able to quickly navigate to the virtual world and take advantage of the range of available functionalities - plan their journey, check the information about the city or download free content - interesting articles or music. In addition, the competition and restorer's shelters will have free Wi-Fi connection (at the locations enabling effective use of this technology).

The process of preparing and installing new shelters will be filmed and shown in 6 episodes of the report series titled "Przystanek Warszawa", carried out by TVP Warszawa. The first episode aired on October 26th, subsequent episodes will be shown on the last Friday of each month at 20.40.

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