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December 3, 2020 / 16:26

Another location of the iconic burger chain on the map of Poland. This time, Pasibus invites diners to its outlet in Kalisz

Another location of the iconic burger chain on the map of Poland. This time, Pasibus invites diners to its outlet in Kalisz

The burger chain is opening another location, this time in Galeria Amber in Kalisz. This is already the brand's 27th outlet and the 10th created in cooperation with Helios. To mark this occasion, Pasibus has prepared a special promotion for food lovers from Kalisz. The restaurant will be open from 4 December 2020.

- At last, Pasibus is coming to Kalisz - we are extremely excited about that. After the perturbations of the year 2020, we are ready to invite Pasi-food lovers to our modest premises. For the time being, we can only open to handle take-away orders, but we will do our best to make sure that Pasi-food lovers from Kalisz leave our outlet with a smile on their face - explains Jakub Aleksandrowicz, Marketing Director of Pasibus.

The hallmark of Pasibus are burgers featuring hand-milled beef with a distinctive flavour and bold combinations of toppings. At the brand's new outlet, the inhabitants of Kalisz will be able to treat themselves to the chain's classic menu items, including Bebek Junior – with beef, pink sauce, iceberg lettuce, our original BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, grilled bacon and onions, Chorizard  – also with beef, pink sauce and rocket, sun-dried tomato and cranberry paste, cheddar cheese, grilled chorizo and grilled mushroom. In turn, for aficionados of plant-based cuisine, Pasibus has prepared the Standard Vegan burger, which is served in a wheat bun encapsulating our original vegetable patty (made from red beans, corn, fresh peppers, Chinese cabbage, leek, carrots, garlic, brown rice, sunflower seeds, semolina, flax, coriander, chili and spices) with vegan versions of mayonnaise and cheddar cheese. It is also not short of vegetables - tomato, pickled cucumber and onion. The patty is fried separately in vegetable oil.

All burgers will be available in “L” and “XL” versions. You can get their meat patty replaced with a vege patty (fully vegetarian, fried separately) or fried cheese prepared according to our original recipe, free of charge. The inhabitants of Kalisz will also be able to taste Pasi Chips, Pasi Sweet Potatoes. Pasi Lemonade, delicious cheese balls, served in the classic and spicy version, as well as our original sauces.

The new outlet will also offer the Wypasik [medium-sized burger] range - perfect for those who are feeling peckish. It comprises five smaller-than-standard burgers served in a butter bun, available at a preferential price of PLN 9. Customers can choose between, among others: Cheese Pasik with beef, iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese and tomato-basil and white sauces; Jalapeño Pasik with beef, jalapeño-mayo sauce, iceberg lettuce, jalapeño peppers and onions; and Chicken BBQ Pasik with breaded chicken, mayonnaise, iceberg lettuce, onions and bebek BBQ sauce. Each of them can be ordered with either chips or a drink for PLN 12. They can also be ordered in Boxes- Large, which contains any 3 Wypasik burgers and chips for PLN 35, and Giga, which contains 6 Wypasik burgers and a huge portion of chips, all that for PLN 66.


To celebrate the opening, Pasibus has prepared a special offer for the inhabitants of Kalisz. From 4 to 7 December this year, all “L”-sized burgers will cost a maximum of PLN 15 and the “XL”-sized ones – a maximum of PLN 20. The restaurant is located in Galeria Amber shopping mall and will be open from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 am - 9:00 pm, and on Sunday from 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm.

Due to sanitary restrictions introduced in Poland, the Pasibus outlet in Kalisz will only serve burgers as a take-away option - after ordering on site or by phone. An order delivery option, carried out with the aid of external partners, will also be made available in the near future.

24 of the brand's 27 outlets are currently in operation, offering both on-site pickup and delivery of burgers. Customers can place orders using our external partners’ apps and systems, as well as Pasibus' own service called Pasi Dostawa [Pasi Delivery], which is available on the website


Pasibus is an iconic burger brand, founded in Wrocław in 2013. The first Pasibus food truck stood in the capital of Lower Silesia and quickly became a unique spot on the city's culinary map. Currently, Pasibus restaurants can be found in 13 Polish cities, including Wrocław, Warsaw, Łódź, Gdańsk, Katowice, Olsztyn and Poznań. The brand operates 26 outlets in Poland, 9 of which are restaurants created in cooperation with Helios.

More information: | Pasibus on Facebook

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