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15/2022 Judgment of the first instance court regarding the appeal of Agora S.A. from the decision of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection prohibiting the concentration...


15/2022 Judgment of the first instance court regarding the appeal of Agora S.A. from the decision of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection prohibiting the concentration...


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July 16, 2019 / 10:30

AMS extends its portfolio of digital panels by investing in a company from the DOOH market

AMS extends its portfolio of digital panels by investing in a company from the DOOH market

In July 2019, AMS S.A. from Agora Group became the majority shareholder of the Piano Group, operating in the area of digital out-of-home (DOOH) as operator of a MoveTV platform with screens in the largest fitness clubs in Poland and premium content adapted to watching during training. Thanks to this transaction, AMS, the leader of the Polish outdoor advertising market, will expand its portfolio with a new type of panels and strengthen its position in the DOOH segment in accordance with the development strategy of the Agora Group.

On July 15, 2019, AMS S.A. has concluded a purchase agreement for 60% of shares of Piano Group Sp. z o.o. for PLN 6.5 million, which constitutes an advance payment on the final price. Additionally, a shareholders' agreement was signed, regulating new business rules and enabling AMS, among others, to purchase all remaining shares in the Piano Group until 2023. The acquisition of the majority share package will be financed with AMS own funds.

Piano Group is the sole owner of the Benefit Multimedia company operating on the digital out-of-home market (DOOH) in the field of internal advertising - the emission and sale of advertising content, screen installations and the use of digital signage infrastructure. The MoveTV platform, owned by the company, currently includes 914 screens located in 191 largest fitness clubs in 30 cities in Poland.

MoveTV - on its own screens and ones belonging to partners - presents original programs adjusted to watching during exercises and time spent at the gym. These are materials tailored to the interests profile of people visiting fitness clubs, presented in the form of an easy-to-engage viewer who watches MoveTV on average over 30 minutes. The platform provides its advertising customers the opportunity to reach an attractive, well-defined group of premium consumers thanks to the emission of native promotional content. The average number of contacts with advertising thanks to MoveTV stand at 2 million per month.

Thanks to the acquisition of shares in Piano Group, MoveTV will join other channels in the AMS digital panel portfolio. The company belonging to Agora Group has been working on strengthening its position on the DOOH market since 2018, following the global trends in the area of OOH advertising development. According to IGRZ data, the DOOH market in 2018 increased by 25% to PLN 56.3 million and already accounts for over 10% of the total outdoor advertising in Poland. In line with global forecasts, the indoor DOOH market will grow by as much as 69% by 2023.

- AMS observes global trends on the digital out-of-home market and, in accordance with its strategy, focuses on the development of premium advertising services. MoveTV platform, which has a strong position in the advertising in fitness clubs segment - such an addition to our portfolio will allow us to expand the indoor DOOH offer. AMS clients will gain access to a new type of media in new locations, but most of all, the opportunity to reach premium target group that is extremely interesting from the advertiser's point of view - says Marek Kuzaka, President of AMS

- Thanks to cooperation with AMS, we are planning a dynamic development of the video-out-of-home communication category - MoveTV - in subsequent fitness clubs in Poland. We will focus on creating attractive program offer, simultaneously expanding advertising offer with e.g. new formats. As SW Research states, members of fitness clubs perceive MoveTV positively, which allows the platform to effectively present them marketing materials. The fitness market in our country - both in terms of revenues and the number of clubs - is growing, what gives opportunities to increase the scale of business - says Michał Maciuk, President of Piano Group.

Currently, the AMS digital portfolio includes: advertising on ATM screens, in public transport and in shopping malls, as well as panels: Digital Citylights, Digital Cityscreens and Dynamic Backlights.

* "OOH advertising in Poland", report for 2018 and 2017, Izba Gospodarcza Reklamy Zewnętrznej (IGRZ; Chamber of Commerce for Outdoor Advertising)
** "European Health & Fitness Market Report 2019", Deloitte

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