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Financial results of the Agora Group in the 3Q2021


Financial results of the Agora Group in the 3Q2021


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8/10 Czerska Street Premiere Centre

In 2017, Warsaw headquarters of Agora hosted several events as 8/10 Czerska Street Premiere Centre, a place that brings together people of literature, film, theatre, music, computer gaming and fashion with the public. Centrum Premier Czerska 8/10 is a series of popular events - meetings with creators that generate buzz and works that evoke emotion. The events take place in Agora’s Warsaw office and can be watched online on and in the social media.

The events held so far Gazeta Wyborcza introduced the public to inspiring films and books that served as a starting point to discussions with interesting people of culture and arts, and globetrotters. In 2017, six events of 8/10 Czerska Premiere Centre attracted ca. three thousand attendees.

The first meeting featured Agnieszka Holland and Olga Tokarczuk with a discussion of Pokot (Spoor). At the second event Elżbieta Dzikowska, Martyna Wojciechowska, Marek Kamiński and Aleksander Doba talked about the concept of a globetrotter with Mirosław Wlekły, the author of Tu byłem. Tony Halik. Also the actress Krystyna Janda attracted a sizeable crowd interested in her memoirs. In September 2017 Ania - the first biography of Anna Przybylska fully approved by the family was published by Agora Publishing House. The actress was paid tribute to by her family and authors of the book Grzegorz Kubicki and Maciej Drzewicki at an event dedicated to Ania. In October 2017 the public was introduced to Loving Vincent, a film distributed by Agora’s NEXT FILM. The directors Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman talked about the making of the movie and were joined by Jerzy Stuhr who voiced one of the parts and Robert Gulaczyk, the actor who played the main role.

Admission is free upon reservation. Each event was also watched by thousands of people online on and in the social media.

Centrum Premier also hosted a meeting with the author Dan Brown. While the admission was paid this time, Gazeta Wyborcza streamed the footage of the event on and Facebook.

Premiere Centre events offer the readers of Gazeta Wyborcza and general public at large an opportunity to interact with inspiring creators, passionate individuals, important figures of the social, political and cultural life, as well as the editors and journalists of GW. Attendees can ask questions and take part in interesting discussions, buy books at special prices, get an autograph of their favourite author.

The event formula continues to be developed, also through the online channel. In January 2018 Centrum Premier hosted a meeting with Himalayan climber Wojciech Kurtyka and the author of his first biography, Bernadette McDonald. In February, audiences could meet historian and journalist Anne Applebaum. Plans for later months include a premiere of a play Czekam na telefon (Waiting for a Phone call).

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