About us

Agora is one of the largest media companies in Poland listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1999. Its media offer includes newspapers, out-of-home advertising, network of cinemas, Internet and radio operations, magazines and sales of book collections.More »

Our values

Further development is a key objective of Agora therefeore the company intends to allocate resources to accomplish his aim building long - term value for shareholders by means of acquisitions and new projects. Simultaneously, in appropriate circumstances and with the approval of general meeting of shareholders, the company will be returning to its shareholders the surplass of free financial resources by means of (i) dividend and (ii) share buyback.

Governance principles

Agora S.A. understands the importance of the corporate governance rules and their role in strengthening the transparency of public companies therefore it pays a lot of attention to their implementation in every day operations. The Company's efforts to become fully transparent are visible in its adherence to the Code of Best Practice since 2002. To increase transparency and to ensure equal access to the information on the Company two weeks before publication of quarterly results, the representatives of the Company do not conduct any talks and do not participate in any meetings with analysts and investors.


Agora and "Gazeta Wyborcza” are tightly connected with the history of Polish transformations. That's why with a great feeling of mission and responsibility we informed the readers about the course of the first free elections in Poland in 1989. Since that time "Gazeta Wyborcza” every day witnesses the events from the current history of Poland and its influence on regular people. In the course of time, taking advantage of development of Polish democracy and market economy, we transformed in mature enterprise.


One of our main objectives is to make the companies from the Agora Group an attractive and seeked for workplace. Agora's human resources policy concentrates on proper management of the recruitment process, organization of the comprehensive system of trainings and planning the career paths for its employees. Agora organizes internship and training programs. Apart from the diversified system of payment and motivation plans Agora offers its employees the support in the form of loans (for example for flat purchase of in case of health problems). The Company co-finance Multisport program and organizes annually tennis cup and Agora Ball.

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