Social responsibility

Corporate Communication

Among the crucial elements which contribute to Agora's development are its social activities (charity, educational, civic) as well as sponsoring activities. Agora Group's media and undertakings - including Gazeta Wyborcza daily, magazines and web portals, radio stations, Helios cinemas and AMS - deliver a number of pro-social projects, hold patronage over numerous initiatives and participate in campaigns organised by other entities.

In response to the growing number of projects addressing the needs of communities in different regions of Poland and conducted by separate businesses of Agora Group, a policy regulating social and sponsoring activities of the Group was drafted in 2016. The document is available to the public on Agora’s corporate website and in the intranet. It outlines the areas of the Group’s social activities and organizes the issues that are in the main focus of Agora’s media and brands, such as:

  • education, individual and social development,
  • shaping civic attitudes and protecting human rights,
  • promoting inclusive culture,
  • promoting health and healthy lifestyle,
  • commitment to the protection of natural environment,
  • caring for others expressed in charity and aid campaigns.

These themes are rooted in the values and principles of Agora Group. Most of the social projects implemented by Agora Group's media and other undertakings are the group’s original projects. Some of them are carried out with third-party entities by way of mutual exchange of services, patronage or partnerships.

Local communities

Social and sponsoring projects of Agora Group are an expression of the company’s commitment to the idea of corporate social responsibility. Agora accepts responsibility not only for the impact of their decisions and actions on the society and natural environment, sustainable growth, including the wellbeing and health of the society, and responds to the expectations of its stakeholders. Social activities of Agora Group are compliant with the relevant laws and international norms of conduct and are aligned with the organization’s operations, and practiced in its relations with stakeholders.

Good practices of Agora Group in the areas of social impact and local communities development have strengthened its relationship with local communities. The reach of the company’s media allowed it to address vital social issues, which contributed to Agora’s reputation and its positive perception by stakeholders (clients, local communities, social organizations). Policy of Social and Sponsoring Activities implemented by Agora also resulted in tangible benefits: strengthened position of a leader among media brands in terms of involvement in current social issues.

This manner of execution of the social and sponsoring policy serves the company’s interests and the interests of all its stakeholders, including the shareholders.

Agora Group is an initiator and co-organizer of numerous projects and activities on a national and regional scale, such as: competitions (Ryszard Kapu¶ciński award for a work of literary journalism, Anna Laszuk Award of Radio TOK FM, NIKE Award, AMS Poster Gallery), social campaigns addressing important issues: seniors’ well-being (DługoWIECZNI), environment al protection (Greenpeace’s Adopt a Bee campaign) and education (School with Class 2.0), as well as promotion of culture (Kino na Temat ) and involvement in charity campaigns  (supporting Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity or Santa’s Factory in Wroclaw).

The first non-financial statement of Agora Group applies indicators based on the international standards in Global Reporting Initiative, (GRI G-4 and Sector Supplement - Media) for sustainability reporting. The statement is issued in compliance with Accounting Act, Directive 2013/34/UE of the European Parliament and Council of 22 October 2014 as regards the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large undertakings and groups from 2017.