Responsible management

Corporate Communication

Agora SA understands the importance of the corporate governance rules and their role in enhancing the transparency of public companies. It is therefore committed to observing them in day-to-day operations. The company's efforts to become fully transparent are manifested in its adherence to the Code of Best Practice since 2002.  The company regularly publishes best practices reports (Code of Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies In 2016). In 2016 Agora was listed in WIG, sWIG80 and WIG-MEDIA indices.

In order to maintain communication between the company and its stakeholders, in particular investors and analysts, Agora develops various communication tools and provides them with access to information via website, newsletters, Twitter account (@Agora_SA), mailing of industry-specific reports. Agora also provides investors with the possibility of face-to-face contact with the employees of investor relations department and representatives of the company’s Management Board. At least four meetings for investors and journalists are held each year, with the presentations of the company’s performance. To provide equal access to information, Agora streams the reporting sessions online. In order to provide investors and analysts with comprehensive data to assess the company’s situation, Agora provides them with proprietary market and industry reports. Channels of communication with the market also include collecting investor feedback through Investor Day events, videoconferences and road shows.

The company keeps in touch with representatives of the market and, following each key event, collects feedback from investors and analysts, analyses and implements new solutions and instruments to further facilitate communication.

The company provides swift response to questions posed by individual investors. Investor relations are an element of building the company’s value on the capital market. Liquidity and investors’ interest in the company’s shares are a direct result of Agora’s diligence in ensuring model investor relations. The company also continuously monitors traditional and social media and answers questions from the media, investors or analysts.

With the solutions listed above, Agora is perceived as a transparent company and there is an evident increase in the activity of its shareholders, investors and analysts, who have easy access to current and historical information about the company. Communications instruments applied by the company provide for fast exchange of information and ensure equal access to information to all stakeholders.

Agora shall continue these activities in the coming years, developing communication tools to address the needs expressed by its stakeholders and to adapt to market trends, thus striving to increase communications standards on the Polish capital market.

According to ‘The Report of the Supervisory Board Forum’ made by PwC, in 2017, Agora S.A. is among the 4% (18 out of 487) of companies that fulfil all the principles of ‘Best Practices of WSE Listed Companies 2016".

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The first non-financial statement of Agora Group applies indicators based on the international standards in Global Reporting Initiative, (GRI G-4 and Sector Supplement - Media) for sustainability reporting. The statement is issued in compliance with Accounting Act, Directive 2013/34/UE of the European Parliament and Council of 22 October 2014 as regards the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large undertakings and groups from 2017.