Stopklatka TV

The film channel Stopklatka TV was launched and is run jointly by Agora and Kino Polska through the company Stopklatka SA. The license to broadcast Stopklatka TV was granted on October 30, 2013 by the National Broadcasting Council. The station began broadcasting on March 15, 2014 becoming the first free film channel in Poland available on digital terrestrial platform.

Stopklatka TV offers a wide selection of foreign and Polish films: Hollywood and European productions, classic and contemporary works, including documentaries and animated films. It also produces its own journalistic programs. Its Program Council consists of the authorities of Polish cinema: Andrzej Wajda (chairman), Agnieszka Holland, Juliusz Machulski and Maciej Stuhr.

In Stopklatka TV viewers will find the most interesting foreign and Polish films: best comedies, thrillers, legendary TV series, documents, classic westerns, detective stories and the biggest film productions in the history of cinema. Apart from offering a diverse range of films Stopklatka TV is a free channel with maximum range - in addition to being a digital terrestrial channel Stopklatka TV is also available from cable operators and on satellite platforms.

In 2015 Stopklatka TV's viewership amounted to around 1%.

Stopklatka TV's Hbb (or hybrid TV) service was launched in March, 2016. It is a technological evolution of the concept of teletext - one of its tasks is usually to inform the viewers about what they can see on the air of the channel. The data are enriched with a short description, a gallery of photographs and a short trailer, with an average assessment, issued by the users of the film webservice Hbb service is for now mainly an additional channel of communication with the audience. However, it opens interesting perspectives: offering new forms of advertising, attractive to advertisers from the world of show business, and integration with services such as second screen.

Since July 12th, 2010, Stopklatka SA is listed on the ASO NewConnect. Agora SA is its minority shareholder, currently holding 4,596,203 shares with a nominal value of PLN 1.0 each and the total nominal value of PLN 4,596,203.00, which gives it 41.14% of the share capital and 41.14% of votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders of Stopklatka SA.

Apart from Stopklatka TV, the company Stopklatka SA runs a webservice which specializes in film, and also aggregates and sells content.