Rock Radio

Rock Radio is a network of 4 local stations broadcasting in Warsaw, Cracow, Poznan, Opole. Rock Radio has its distinctive characteristics. It offers attractive content in a dynamic form. It targets mainly young people (20-35 years old) from large cities - open, affluent and ambitious. It is profiled as radio station offering alternative music and culture. It is also one of the most characteristic brands in Poland (according to the survey Brand Basset Valuator by Young&Rubicam).

Rock Radio offers also floor to young artists who present their music fascinations.

Rock Radio organizes and supports the most important and interesting cultural events - regional and national. In 2012, Rock Radio was nominated to the award On Air in the category the best radio station during the International Radio Fair in Zurich.

Rock Radio
Rock Radio FM 103,8 FM (Krakow)
Rock Radio FM 105,4 FM (Srem)
Rock Radio FM 103,7 FM (Warszawa)
Rock Radio FM 106,6 FM (Opole)