Non - standard campaigns

AMS provides clients with effective communication solutions in the field of outdoor advertising. Additionally, thanks to the experience and a vast portfolio of panels, the company may introduce original ideas strengthening the power of marketing campaign.

Genuine grass under the feet of commuters, benches at the bus shelters printed with the pictures of piano chairs, or animated posters taking advantage of the electroluminescence technology or panels packed in advertising creations - these are only a few examples of unique campaigns carried out on AMS panels. The company often executes non - standard campaigns, even those that seemed impossible to carry out. The company has realized several dozen of such campaigns, and is ready with new solutions, which will surprise and intrigue dwellers of Polish cities.

Some of those campaigns are part of the company's pro bono activities - for example the Project" City non-smoking areas" executed in May 2008. Grass, flowers and ivy were planted around selected bus shelters in the centre of Warsaw as a part of social campaign executed by the city of Warsaw. The campaign drew attention to the phenomenon of passive smoking which was often observed also at bus shelters.