Portfolio of panels

AMS offers its clients effective advertising campaigns created on the basis of modern solutions, taking advantage of its largest and constantly developed portfolio of advertising panels. The company offers advertising panels from all market segments: billboards 12 and 18 square meters, citylights, cityscrolls, backlights 6x3 and 8x4 square meters, large format frontlights and backlights. AMS' portfolio of products comprises mobile advertising (advertising spaces on busses and trams) as well as CityINFOtv on the Warsaw subway trains. The company also offers small advertising panels on petrol stations. In total, AMS offers over 445 thousand advertising spaces on its panels*.

The company pays a lot of attention to panels integrated with street furniture, which seems to be the most natural direction of outdoor advertising development. In Poland, AMS has a leadership position in street furniture segment - it provided 27 cities with the furniture, building over 3,500 thousand bus shelters and entering contracts with all large cities in Poland. The company built the largest commercially used system of bus shelters - nearly 800 bus shelters in Cracow. It also executed pioneering projects building kiosks and advertisements pillars on Krakowskie Przedmiescie and bus shelters on Aleje Ujazdowskie, as well as street furniture in one of the most representatives street of Wroclaw - Olawska Street. Kiosks and advertisements pillars on Krakowskie Przedmiescie in Warsaw were awarded as the best pilot project in 2008 by "Media & Marketing Polska".

AMS is also active in research and development. In the beginning of 2010 it presented to the audience the first solar advertising pillar - a modern advertising panels lit with LED diodes charged with solar batteries. Earlier, in 2008, the company introduced on the Polish out - of - home market a new distribution channel, CityInfoTV - a para-TV solution on metro cars in Warsaw offering passengers news and multimedia content and advertisers - a new attractive form of advertising.

* Source: IGRZ