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Helios cinema network organizes and is engaged in educational activities for children and young people. Programs are aimed at preparing young people to be competent consumers of culture, especially in its audiovisual aspect and at arousing their interest in science and knowledge.

The project "Helios for schools" is an educational project aimed at pupils and teachers. Schools which entered the program, by watching movies collect points, for which Helios helps them to enrich the equipment for example in computer classrooms, libraries or gyms.

Going to the cinema is not only entertainment but also an education program for pupils and teachers. Subjects as: history, literature, nature, adventure, tolerance, ecology may be a source of interesting subjects for discussion during classes and additional after school classes.

One ticket bought by the school equals PLN 1.0 for the school. Each school, despite the number of its pupils, receives an award. If during a school year, the school purchases the cinema tickets in the number equal to the number of its pupils it automatically joins the program (tickets do not have to be bought at one time). For example: the school with 200 pupils that bought during a school year 500 tickets receives and award worth PLN 300.0

The school itself decides what kind of prize it is.

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