"Pogoda Na Życie" - new monthly from Agora and Radio Pogoda

Press release

"Pogoda Na Życie", new monthly from Agora premieres on Tuesday, 12th of January, 2016. It is a magazine co-published with Radio Pogoda and addressed to readers who like to get back in their memories to cultural icons: actors, singers, cabaret performers, as well as everyday life of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

'"Pogoda Na Życie" is a sentimental journey back in time: big beat, rock'n'roll, festivals in Opole and Sopot, profiles of stage and movie stars, interviews, unknown stories, forgotten facts. Adding retro fashion, beauty, health and cuisine, and entertainment: crosswords, horoscopes and puzzles by Wojciech Pijanowski, presenter of Polish version of the popular game show "Wheel of Fortune". We want to show the atmosphere and the spirit of the mid-decades of the last century', says Katarzyna Kolanowska, Publishing Director of the division Magazines and Free Press Division of Agora.

Magazine focuses on Polish names and phenomena, although reader will find there histories of the life of foreign stars. The first issue will be about "Czech Nightingale" Karel Gott - singer, painter and womanizer.

'We have prepared "Pogoda Na Życie" for the curious, mature readers over 50 years of age. We know that this group of consumers is willing to reach for a magazine featuring entertainment and stories from the past, as well as get acquainted with practical tips', says Agnieszka Rożewska, publisher of "Pogoda Na Życie."

Each issue of "Pogoda Na Życie" will feature "Cheerful conversation" interviews with starsof Radio Pogoda, as well as memories and fragments of their biographies in the "Avenue of Stars" cycle.

In the first issue, readers will find interview with Krystyna Loska about the beginning of her television career, the material of love and betrayals of Kalina Jędrusik, interview with Wieslaw Michnikowski about Kabaret Starszych Panów. Czerwone Gitary career, backstage drama behind "Noce i dnie", romances of Violetta Villas and cult cruises of "Stefan Batory" - these are just some of the topics of the first issue. Editors will also remind about the atmosphere of PRL: how to buy the popular car called "maluch" and a highland sheepskin, how to cook dishes from the menu of bar mleczny. There will be a poster every month - this month with Pola Raksa.

'"Pogoda Na Życie" monthly will be a great complement to Radio Pogoda. The current success of our station confirms that people over 50 years of age expect content prepared specifically for them - now, in addition to listening to their favorite music, they will receive a magazine created for them;, says Adam Fijałkowski, vice president of Grupa Radiowa Agory.

The editorial team of "Pogoda Na Życie" is supervised by Dorota Zabrodzka who was earlier the editor-in-chief of "Poradnik Domowy", "Zdrowie" and "Claudia".

The first issue of "Pogoda Na Życie" will have 48 pages and will cost PLN 1.99.