"Dziecko" Extra" - a new quarterly from Agora

Press release

Agora's new quarterly will have its premiere tomorrow, on the 25th of February, 2016. It is dedicated to conscious, caring parents of children up to 8 years of age who are looking for inspiration and support in the education of youngsters.

'"Dziecko Extra" offers texts in the field of child and family psychology, interviews with experts, reports from family travels, educational proposals, ideas about how to furniture the child's room, kids' fashion and recipes for healthy dishes', says Agnieszka Rożewska, publisher of "Dziecko Extra". 'We create content for parents of preschoolers and children starting education, but parents of children of all ages who enjoy reading about the education of kids will also find interesting texts here.'

"Dziecko Extra" is created by editorial team of "Dziecko" monthly magazine under the supervision of Joanna Szulc. The quarterly supplies the content of the "Dziecko" with additional and in-depth content from the field of psychology, education and development of children.

The main topic of the premiere edition of "Dziecko Extra" is self-esteem - psychologist Agnieszka Stein answers questions about where it comes from and how to strengthen it in a child.

Readers will also learn how to raise children who are sensitive and shy, how to remedy difficult mornings for preschoolers and students, what to do when kids argue, whether or not to buy clothes from organic cotton, and where to find inspiration for home playground arrangement.

The editorial team of "Dziecko Extra" will tell how to choose a good ride-on toy and a bike, at which point to go to a speech therapist if a child has not started to speak for a long time, what is the best time to start working on malocclusion and what to do to strengthen the immune system.

The first issue of "Dziecko Extra" will cost PLN 5.99.