Agora's magazine titles are also present online - the Company prepared websites connected with its popular titles, inter alia,,,,, and By means of the websites the quality content offered by editorial teams and experts are available in a multimedia form. It includes, inter alia, articles enriched with photo galleries, audiovisual material, video advice, social online tools and dedicated applications.

The monthly "Cztery Katy" (Interior Design) is a good example of multimedia offer for readers. This most read monthly on interior design in Poland is full of ideas on interior decoration and photo galleries as well as pieces of advice. In 2009 the title launched its online website, which gives its users access to additional and unique materials - photos, online software for interior decoration.

Online websites of the Agora's magazines allow them to develop an interaction with their readers and create small communities around a given title - as for example eDziecko, related to the monthly "Dziecko"(Child)- the largest forum on parenting in Polish Internet.

Internet gives Agora also possibility to widen its offer for advertisers, by means of dual media campaigns and by inclusion of the magazine websites to the offer of Internet advertising network, inter alia, GlossyMedia which specializes in websites dedicated to women.