Pro bono (newspapers)

"Gazeta Wyborcza" is known for initiating and supporting social, educational and cultural events campaigns. For years it has been engaged in nationwide social campaigns as "Humane Birth", "Transparent Poland" or "Save Darfur" aiming at education and drawing attention to social problems, changing social stereotypes and shaping civic, ecological and healthy lifestyle attitudes. In its local editorial offices the journalists initiate campaigns on selected local issues as" Fast railway to Warsaw" (Lublin editorial office) or "Piotrkowska in the centre of Lodz" (Lodz editorial office). They organize competitions and plebiscites promoting the most distinguished persons, the most interesting places and events as for example in the ranking:" Stool and the foot of the stool" (by Warsaw editorial office) and "The brick from Gazeta" - an award of Janosch (by editorial office in Katowice) and organize charity auctions for those in need.

"Gazeta Wyborcza" supports Polish culture becoming media patron of the most interesting and important cultural events in Poland. It is also a co-founder of Literary Award "NIKE", honoring the best Polish books since 1997.