Our Journalist

The content for Gazeta Wyborcza and websites related with the title is created by the group of versatile, experienced journalists and Internet publishers , editors, international correspondents and photographers. They prepare information and articles for paper editions, online services, record video commentaries available online, write thematic blogs, host online programs on current events in Poland and publish books.

From the onset, the newspaper's Editor-in-Chief has been Adam Michnik, an intellectual and prominent member of democratic opposition in the 60-80's. The first Deputy Editor - in - Chief is Jarosław Kurski. The other Deputies of Editor -in-Chief include: Piotr Stasiński and Jerzy B. Wojcik

The editorial team of "Gazeta Wyborcza" composes of specialists from different fields of science, politics, culture and economy recognized by trade organizations in Poland and abroad. They won many prestigious competitions as for example XMA Cross Media Awards (IFRA), World Young Reader Prize (WAN) INMA Awards, Grand Press and Grand Press Photo.