Agora's music publications comprise several tens of premiere albums and compilations of different musical genres - from pop through rock and hip hop to jazz - and live concerts on DVDs. Agora's music projects are highly valued by listeners and music critics - a large number of them achieved the status of gold and platinum records.


Among albums released by Agora there are those of the renown Polish musicians, inter alia, Kayah, Maciej Malenczuk, Wojciech Waglewski, Voo Voo, Ewa Bem,Edyta Gorniak Marek Ko¶cikiewicz and marek Dyjak as well as those of the debutantes and artists representing alternative trends in music - inter alia: the bands Fisz Emade, Pustki, Dagadana, Cool Kids of Heath or Magda Navarette. Agora's music albums also comprise compilations such as ""The Best of Smooth Jazz Café" - authorial double CD album by Marek NiedĽwiecki, "Hej Jimi" - Polish guitars play Hendix", "Rock loves Chopin" and "Herbert as well as soundtracks, inter alia, from the movie "Testimony", "0_1_0" and the TV series "The Team". The dividion is also a distributor of CDs created by "Kamp!", "Paula and Karol" and "Novika".

The Company also offers unique DVD publications - live DVD concerts of, inter alia, Waglewski/Fisz i Emade and Magda Umer as well as the dvds - "The smallest concerts in the world" with the recording of the concerts by" Hey", Lech Janerka, Maria Peszek or Muniek Staszczyk organized by radio Roxy FM and OVI Music.

The Company co - operates with the following record labels: Kayax, EMI Music, and Sony Music Polska


Agora's music collections comprise publications of popular and classical music. For classical music and jazz lovers Agora prepared, inter alia, the collections "the Great Composers" and " the Giants of Jazz", the compilation of Fryderyk Chopin's works - an anniversary collection to commemorate the celebration of 2010 Chopin Year and the series with DVDs "Great Operas" and " Ballet and Dance" presenting stage works of the most distinguished authors of classical music.

The Company published also the series with the most popular music, inter alia, Queen discography, the collection of Elvis Presley as well as the anthology of Budka Suflera and Krzysztof Krawczyk collection.

Agora publishes also exclusive multi volume albums dedicated to a selected personality, consisting of three audiobooks or CDs with music and one DVD with video material. Till now Agora published the following albums: "Wisława Szymborska", "Magda Umer", "2 plus 1 and "Grzegorz Ciechowski".

European Music Fair by Gazeta Co Jest Grane

Since 2011 Agora is an organizer of European Music Fair by Gazeta Co Jest Grane - the event dedicated to music in different dimensions.

The Fair audience may listen to concerts, buy CDs and talk to the artists. The event is the occasion for meetings and lectures by foreign journalists and organizers of big music events. The discussion panels are the platform to share experience and knowledge relating to the music market, which may be important for people preoccupied with the organization of cultural events as well as for young artists entering the music market. European Music Fair is supported by all Agora's media.

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