Printing plants

Agora group owns three modern offset printing plants in Warsaw, Tychy and Pila. Agora's printing plants are equipped with modern printing presses KBA Colora working in 3 units. Each unit has the capacity to produce 70 thousand full color, 160-page-long copies per hour in A3 format. Printing plant in Pila is equipped with the modern printing machine Heidelberg M600 Harris printing in heatset technology. It can the print from 8 to 32 pages in magazine format on good quality paper with a capacity of 50 thousand copies per hour. The pre-press studios use CTP CREO Trendsetter News equipped with automatic plates feeder, perforating and bending equipment NELA VCP, negative line KODAK MERCURY NEWS with preliminary heating.

The mailrooms in our printing plants are equipped with the latest-generation FERAG conveyor lines and counter stackers, working in assemble with SSB automatic strippers. Each plant is equipped with FERAG's MSD automated inserting lines, SNT triple knives system and Ferag's SHT collating and binding systems. This inserting equipment enables enrichment of "Gazeta" with additional supplements and pre-printed advertising materials and technological possibilities of Agora's printing houses enable to execute non standard advertising offers as memo sticks and carbon paper.

Editorial offices, printing plants and sales offices are connected via proprietary, non-public WAN (network of over 4300 km) which facilitates this modern, fast and effective production process. Data transmission is conducted through fiber optic cables, leased lines and Internet. The WAN enables composed pages - editorial copy and advertisements - to be immediately forwarded to press

The detailed information on technological possibilities of our printing houses are also available here

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