Gazeta Wyborcza

"Gazeta Wyborcza" was founded in 1989 as the platform for the first democratic parliamentary elections. It was created by a group of journalists and activists of the underground democratic opposition press From the onset, the newspaper's Editor-in-Chief has been Adam Michnik, an intellectual and prominent member of democratic opposition in the 60-80's.

The first issue of "Gazeta Wyborcza" had 8 pages and sold 150 thousand copies. Currently, "Gazeta's" paid circulation is about 178* thousand copies a day* and is read weekly by 2.6 mln people** in the whole country.

"Gazeta's" unique formula of the national newspaper with regional pages appeals to both readers and advertisers. Each copy of "Gazeta" consists of at least three parts: the national section prepared by the Warsaw editorial office, the regional section prepared by one of 21 regional offices, and a national - local thematic supplements: on Mondays: " (Recruitment supplement), "Gazeta Sport" (Sports supplement); on Tuesdays "Gazeta Komunikaty" (Announcements supplement); on Wednesdays "Gazeta Dom" (Real Estate supplement); on Thursdays "Duzy Format" (Large Format); on Fridays: "Gazeta co jest Grane" (What's up supplement) and "Gazeta Telewizyjna" (TV guide); and on Saturdays "Wysokie Obcasy" (High Heels - women's magazine).

"Gazeta" provides advertisers with attractive, quality content for marketing communication as well as a wide array of marketing solutions including, inter alia, non - standard campaigns, dual media offers and an innovative formats for marketing and promotion.

The online face of "Gazeta Wyborcza" - - is one of the most popular internet website of press title in Poland***. It enriches the paper edition with speed, interaction and multimedia character of Internet. The readers get access to the information published every day in paper version of "Gazeta", supplemented by updated commentaries, opinions and blogs written by "Gazeta's" journalists and video materials created in the Agora's modern TV studio.

The content of "Gazeta Wyborcza" can be also accessed by means of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets thanks to applications "Wyborcza for iPhone", for iPhone and "High Heels Extra for iPad".

For years "Gazeta" has been the largest opinion making newspaper in Poland. It is a valuable source of information for its readers and an important platform for public debate. It is well respected and awarded for its quality of journalism, innovative solutions and strong social commitment as well as supporting selected nationwide and local actions. "Gazeta's" campaigns are highly valued not only by readers but also by trade institutions, both Polish and international, for example, SAR (Association of Advertising Agencies), IWP (Chamber of Press Publishers), INMA (International Newsmedia Marketing Association), WAN-IFRA (The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers).

"If there were no Gazeta, there would be no credible source of information, no place to expose corruption, scandals or other sins of the fragile Polish democracy. Women would not know in which maternity ward they could expect a nightmare and in which they will savor the wondrous experience of childbirth..." - wrote one of "Gazeta Wyborcza's" reader.

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