Remuneration of the Management Board

The remuneration of the Management Board members is set by the Supervisory Board of Agora S.A. in consultation with the President of the Management Board. The amount and the rules according to which the remuneration is set is reviewed by the Human Resources and Remuneration Commission. The Commission in line with its competencies recommends to the Supervisory Board the amount of the fixed salary and additional bonuses to be granted to each of the members of the Management Board in time allowing Supervisory Board to take appropriate decisions.

Remuneration of the Management Board members (including cash bonuses):

PLN thou.20152014
Bartosz Hojka902667
Grzegorz Kossakowski864661
Robert Musiał735570
Tomasz Jagiełło384221
Wanda Rapaczynski (1)-538
TOTAL2 8852 657
Shares of Agora S.A. in the possession of the Management Board:

-As at 31 December 2015Nominal Value (PLN)
Bartosz Hojka2 9002 900
Tomasz Jagiełło--
Grzegorz Kossakowski44 45144 451
Robert Musiał1 2331 233

(1) member of the Management Board till March 12th 2014.