Social and sponsoring activities policy at Agora Group

The Agora Group has operated in the Polish media market for more than 26 years and is currently active in all of its segments. Our undertakings are complementary media businesses which share the Agora brand and respect for our common values. We want to ensure the development and economic success of the Group - to this end, we use our potential for strategy implementation and we actively participate in the local communities that we form a part of.

Among the crucial elements which contribute to Agora's development are its social activities (charity, educational, civic) as well as sponsoring activities. Most projects are implemented at the level of the Group's individual media and support objectives related with recognition of Agora's brands and development of its positive image. These activities are both nationwide and local, dedicated to the needs of inhabitants of Poland's individual regions. Additionally, Agora's media and undertakings - including "Gazeta Wyborcza" daily, magazines and web portals, radio stations, Helios cinemas and AMS - implement a number of pro-social projects, hold patronage over numerous initiatives and participate in campaigns organised by other entities. All of these activities focus on the most important social issues, which include:

Education as well as individual and social development;

Shaping civic attitudes and care for human rights;

Promoting culture and common access to culture;

Promoting health and a healthy lifestyle;

Care for the natural environment;

Care for others through charity and aid campaigns.

Most social projects implemented by Agora's media and other undertakings are the Group's own activities. Some of are carried out with third-party entities on the basis of mutual exchange of services, patronage or partnerships.

Activities strictly related with sponsoring constitute a small portion of projects implemented by the Group. Sponsoring activities are activities aimed at obtaining mutual benefits by the sponsor and the sponsored entity.

Cooperation with the sponsored entity is based each time on a sponsoring agreement or order, whose provisions detail the scope of cooperation as a part of the sponsored undertaking as well as all rights and obligations of the parties. Decisions concerning involvement in individual initiatives are made by heads of specific business areas of the Agora Group based on the annual marketing plan approved by the Management Board, which includes the costs of sponsoring activities. In the case of initiatives whose costs have not been included in the annual plan of a given medium, the project initiator can apply for approval of its implementation.

The most important objective of our sponsoring activities is creating a positive image of our brands, positioning and presentation of Agora's logo or other trademarks, increasing the prestige and value of brands which belong to the Agora Group.

Examples of activities undertaken by the media of the Agora Group in individual areas:

Education, individual and social development is supported by, among others, "Gazeta Wyborcza" daily as a part of the "iLab - Laboratorium innowacji" ["iLab - Innovations Laboratory"] or "Projekt: praca" ["Project: work"] campaigns. Proper education of children and youth impacts the future of the Polish society; hence, the media from the Agora Group undertake a number of activities related to improving the quality of education.

Shaping of civic attitudes and care for human rights is supported, among others, by Radio TOK FM, which organises the "Usłysz swojego posła" ["Hear your MP"] and "Usłysz swoje miasto" ["Hear your city"] cycles. It has also been a patron of the "Watch Docs" International Film Festival for many years.

Entities involved in cultural projects include, for instance, AMS, which organises the annual Galeria Plakatu AMS [AMS Poster Gallery] competition, as well as the Helios chain of cinemas, which implements the Kultura Dostępna [Accessible Culture] project. Culture is an invaluable social resource and a part of the education process; it plays an important role in forming individual and national identity.

Promotion of health and healthy lifestyle includes, among others, subsequent editions of the Polska Biega [Poland Runs] and Polska na Rowery [Poland - on Bikes!] campaigns. Issues concerning integration are undertaken, for instance, by AMS, which implements a programme for integration of the disabled. Some examples of Agora's previous large and effective projects have included "Rodzić po ludzku" ["Decent birth"], "Leczyć po ludzku" ["Decent medical treatment"] and "Polacy, odwagi!" ["Poles, courage/off with the weight!"].

Protection of the natural environment is, among others, the task of "Gazeta Wyborcza" daily in its environmental cycles and special campaigns, such as "Oddychaj po ludzku" ["Decent breathing"] or "Lasy w Polsce" ["Forests in Poland"]", as well as of AMS and Agora's magazines promoting waste sorting and recycling.

All of Agora's media encourage involvement in charity and aid activities - recently, "Gazeta Wyborcza" daily and the portal have been particularly active within this scope, encouraging people to provide aid to victims of the war in Syria thanks to the support of the Polish Humanitarian Action, and on another front Helios cinemas have decided to help animal shelters.

Social and sponsoring activities of the Agora Group reflect its social responsibility and care for the welfare of regions where the Group operates in order to make them suitable places for living, working and realising one's plans. These activities are also aimed at developing a positive image of the Group and its brands as entities that are friendly to people and involved in community life. Thanks to subsequent projects in this area, brands from the Agora Group can promote themselves and strive for the attention of important Group stakeholders, informing them about the broad scope of undertakings and initiatives implemented by the Group. In this manner, the Agora Group wants to obtain the recognition and favour of the public, in particular for the role it plays in the social life.

Additionally, social and sponsoring projects support the Group's promotional and commercial activities.

The Company's Management Board is convinced that all forms of involvement of the Agora Group's media and brands in individual social and sponsoring initiatives are important to the social and economic development of specific regions or social groups.