Our values and rules of conduct

We endeavor to live by the values which guided us when we founded the company and which continue to be our key tenets - truth, tolerance, respect for human rights and solidarity with the less fortunate. We promote these principles in our media - the newspaper, radio stations and on-line and we strive to act on them as a company. We strive to manage the company with transparency and predictability on all levels of our operations and to observe the following rules of conduct vis a vis:

Our readers:

- to remain an independent newspaper, mindful that a free press is integral to a healthy society, and to the ongoing dialog between the government and the governed,

- to speak to them in the language of common human decency,

- to provide a safe harbor for those who seek shelter from onslaughts of hatred,

- for "Gazeta Wyborcza" to be the newspaper of Poland which is part of a new world order, democratic and sensible, enterprising and outgoing, tolerant and open.

Our clients:

- to provide the highest quality of service which satisfies our clients,

- to build with them mutually beneficial long-term relationships,

- to conduct ourselves in client contacts with the highest standards of honesty and business ethics.

Our employees:

- to enable them to realize their professional aspirations,

- to compensate them well, in the case of the top ranking staff, very well,

- to be the employer of choice.

Our shareholders:

- to build long-term shareholder value,

- to be transparent in investor relations,

- to ensure equal access to the company information to all shareholders of Agora,

- to act in accordance with the highest standards of corporate governance.