Agoras Foundation

Fundacja Agory

Agora’s Foundation supports selected social activities undertaken by Agora's media, including those undertaken by “Gazeta Wyborcza” and a large number of non-profit organizations helping sick and disabled children as well as those engaged in scholarship programs aiming at equalizing educational opportunities. more »

Agora's social activities

Agora's media led by "Gazeta Wyborcza", initiate and support a number of pro - social and ecological campaigns and cultural events. The most known nationwide campaigns organized by media comprising Agora Group include, inter alia: "Humane Medical Treatment”, "Humane Death" and "Poland runs”.

Charitable activities

Agora's Foundation helps, inter alia, sick and disabled children, finances scholarship programs and programs equalizing educational opportunities. It co-operates with other institutions helping children and publishes in "Gazeta Wyborcza" free advertisements aiming at public collection of money for those in need.

The NIKE Literary Award

The NIKE Literary Award, founded in 1997, is an annual and exclusive prize presented for the book of the year. Its main objective is promotion of Polish literature, especially fiction. All literary genres may participate in the competition - poetry, drama and prose as well as humanities with literary approach. The Founder's of Literary Award NIKE are "Gazeta Wyborcza" and Agora's Foundation.

Zeszyty Literackie

„Zeszyty Literackie” is literary quarterly which was first published in Paris in 1982. In Poland it has been published since 1990. Since 2005 "Zeszyty Literackie” are published by Zeszyty Literackie Foundation financed by Agora's Foundation. Its chief purpose is to combine the emigrant and Polish literature and to assimilate canons of exile literature. They also present a "model” Polish literature created abroad.

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