Special publishing projects

Projkety specjalne

Agora develops its activities related to publishing books and book collections in different fields including music, literature, knowledge, education and film. Agora's publications are available in points of sales and kiosks in Poland, as well as at kulturalnysklep.pl and Publio.pl.more »


Agora's book publications include, inter alia, fiction and non- fiction literature, series of lexicons and encyclopedias, books on history and economics as well as handbooks and guidebooks. Agora publishes also audiobooks.


Agora's music publications comprise several tens of premiere albums and compilations of different musical genres - from pop through rock and hip hop to jazz - and live concerts on DVDs. Agora's music projects are highly valued by listeners and music critics - a large number of them achieved the status of gold and platinum records.


In the past, Agora's film collections presented the most interesting and outstanding works of Polish and international cinematography as well as popular TV series. Currently, the Company is involved in film co-production. The Company's most prestigious project was co-production and organization of the world premiere of the movie "Testimony" and the newest film by Marek Koterski "Women are somewhat different” (Baby sa jakies inne) as well as „ Traffic Department” (Drogowka).

Awards and distinctions

Special projects received numerous awards - inter alia, gold and platinum records for music albums and titles of Aces of Empik for the serious of guidebooks "Dream journeys”. In 2013, a film by Wojciech Smarzowski, co-produced and distributed by Agora, „Drogowka” (Traffic Department) received the statuette of Eagle for the script. An actor Arkadiusz Jakubik received the statuette for the best actor in the supporting role.

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