AMS is one of the leading companies in the outdoor advertising in Poland. The Company offers the largest network of advertising panels and as the only one that offers panels from all market segments: billboards, citylights, cityscrolls and backlights. AMS portfolio of products comprises mobile advertising (busses and trams) and advertising posters at petrol stations as well as CityINFOtv on the Warsaw subway trains (showing content and advertisements). more »

Portfolio of panels

AMS offers its clients the widest array constantly developed portfolio of advertising panels -different types of advertising spaces representing all segments of the market - standard, premium and spectacular. The company is also a leader in street furniture segment and innovation.

Non-standard campaigns

AMS is well known for execution of unique, original campaigns tailored for the needs of its clients. Till now, the company used a number of non-standard solutions, inter alia, playing bus shelters, fragrant or animated posters by means of electroluminescence technology.

Pro bono

AMS wants to influence the reality it operates in, shape it and encourage to transform and therefore it undertakes its own pro bono programs. They include three large projects" AMS for Integration, AMS Poster Gallery and the Gates of the Country. Additionally, AMS supports may cultural events and social campaigns, also as a patron.


For its long-term involvement in the development of outdoor marketing and active involvement in social issues AMS received numerous awards and distinctions. They include inter alia, Media Trendy and Impactor, the title of The Guardian of the Culture and the Guardian of the Cracow City Culture, Arts & Business Sponsor, Pearl of Polish Economy and the medal the Friend of integration. In 2011, in an annual ranking prepared by Media&Marketing Polska, AMS's sales team was, for the consecutive time, chosen the best outdoor sales team.