Agora publishes a dozen or so magazines covering a wide range of subjects: from interior decoration and construction to cooking, lifestyle and shopping. A lot of them are leaders in their categories and are present online.more »


Agora's magazines include also multimedia content available on websites related to well known and trusted brands, inter alia,,, and They enable users access to, for example, photo galleries, dedicated applications, video files as well as creation of social websites related to published titles.

Lifestyle and shopping magazines

Among Agora's lifestyle and shopping magazines one can find "Avanti” - monthly addressed to women and "Logo” - to men. These are Company's authorial proposals valued for their up - to - date and attractive content by advertisers and readers.

House and horticulture magazines

Agora publishes few titles for people interested in house building, renovation and decoration as well as horticulture. They include: "” - the most often bought monthly dedicated to interior design, "Dom & Wnetrze" - exclusive magazine about interior decoration , "Ladny Dom” (Beautiful House) - on issues concerning house building and magazines on horticulture, i.e. "Magnolia”.

How-to and cuisine magazines

This category of Agora's magazines covers variety of subjects like cuisine and parenting. It includes monthly "Dziecko” (Child) addressed to people engaged in housekeeping and parents of small children. For readers interested in cooking we have an exclusive monthly "Kuchnia” (Cuisine).

Other magazines

Agora publishes a magazine for fans of motorcycles - monthly „Swiat Motocykli” (Motorcycle World) and "Kontynenty" (Continents) - a quarterly about travelling.

Pro bono

The social action "Mother friendly company", is an authorial social project of Agora's magazines, promoting friendly parenting and companies which introduce facilities helping parents to combine professional career and child upbringing. Agora's magazine publications support various charity actions and campaigns as well as social actions organized by different foundations.

Awards and distinctions

Agora's magazines receive awards and distinctions for their editorial and publishing projects. The most important ones include: the title of "A debut of the year” granted to "Avanti” and "Logo” by "Media&Marketing Polska”, GrantFront awards for the cover pages as well as a distinction from the Government plenipotentiary for equal treatment for Agora's action "Mother friendly company”.